Swapbox vs. PO Box

While the Swapbox service may initially appear very similar to that of a Post Office Box, there are a few key differences which, when taken together, make Swapbox a substantially more compelling solution for receiving deliveries.

Size Matters

While there are certain size constraints for materials that can be delivered into a PO Box, the size of Swapbox compartments is such that 90% of packages (not just mail) can fit into a Swapbox compartment. Since a Swapbox customer is purchasing a service and not a specific Swapbox compartment or bin, the customer’s deliveries are placed into the smallest Swapbox compartment that can accommodate the size of that delivery. When that customer comes to collect their delivery, the compartment containing only their package or letters opens. This means that a delivery recipient will rarely be stuck trying to retrieve an over-sized delivery. (The largest Swapbox compartments are BIG!) This process compares to that of a PO Box in which a customer receives a note to retrieve their slightly-too-big package at the counter, which may or may not be open at that point. And there may or may not be a line in which the customer must wait to speak with the clerk. And then, the customer must wait while the clerk tries to track down the customer’s delivery. In the worst of all worlds, some PO Boxes simply will not accept delivery of packages or certain online merchants will not ship to them. What a nightmare!

In those rare cases, when a delivery arrives and it will not fit into a Swapbox locker, the Swapbox team will give the package recipient the option of collecting the delivery at the distribution warehouse-- which offers extended hours-- or delivering it to the recipient at their home address for a very modest charge. It is the recipient’s choice. Customer convenience is paramount.

Heads Up

When a Swapbox customer receives a delivery, they receive a text or email (depending which they prefer) the instant the delivery is placed into the Swapbox locker. So, the Swapbox customer always knows when there is a delivery that awaits; there is never any uncertainty. By comparison, a PO Box customer can trek over to their Box only to learn, upon opening, that there is nothing in it. Time wasted.

Pay for What You Get

Swapbox customers have the choice of paying on a per-delivery basis or for a monthly subscription. This affords Swapbox customers the opportunity to use the service in a way that best suits their own needs. PO Box customers are forced to subscribe, thus paying a monthly fee for services which they may not always use. Further, if a Swapbox customer decides to pay for a subscription, the price is very competitive with that charged by PO Box providers.

Open Early and Late

Swapbox lockers are typically located in stores, cafes and other retail establishments with extended hours. This is by design. Swapbox wants to provide its customers every opportunity to collect their deliveries. The Swapbox team understands that busy moms, professionals and students can’t always make it to the post office during regular business hours. By offering Swapbox locker access well into the evening or in the early morning hours, Swapbox differentiates itself in the old fashioned world of post office-based, business hours-only PO Boxes.

And Shipping Too!

You can not only receive deliveries into a Swapbox locker, you can also ship stuff from one. This is obviously functionality which no “dumb” PO Box can offer. To find out more about using Swapbox to ship, check out the shipping page at Swapbox.com/shipping.


The era of PO Boxes is coming to a close. Receive your deliveries when, where and how you want with Swapbox. Ditch your PO Box and start using Swapbox today! (See swapbox.com/locations for a location near you.)