Sending (Shipping)

Swapbox is like an automated post office for sending packages. Follow the on-screen instructions at any Swapbox and drop off your item inside a bin.

The Process

To ship an item using a Swapbox, bring your item to any Swapbox location and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • You will be asked to enter the recipient name and address, select a shipping speed, and whether the item is packaged or labeled.
  • Once you have made your selections, you will be shown the price to ship your item.
  • Once you have paid you will be able to drop off your item inside a Swapbox bin.
  • If you are new to Swapbox you will need to enter an email address to get a receipt.

Free packaging!

We will professionally package any item which requires it for free.


We charge you based on the size of your item and its destination. You will always know the amount you are going to be charged before you swipe your credit card.

When will it be shipped?

Shipments are generally sent out within 24 hours, and same-day if your item is dropped off before 12PM.

Receipt & notifications

You will receive an email receipt when your item is dropped off.

Once your shipment has been processed and shipped your will receive a "Shipped" notification with the tracking number of your shipment.

Swapbox will monitor your shipments until they are delivered and send you "Delivered" notification.


  • Item(s) must weigh less than 20lbs (9.07kg).
  • Swapbox does not ship internationally.
  • Swapbox will not ship illegal, flamable, or dangerous items.
  • As a general rule items must be smaller than 21"x21"x17" or 47"x11"x21".

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