Receiving Packages

Your Swapbox address is a personalized shipping address just for you. Swapbox is not a P.O. Box and can receive all carriers and all packages (that fit). This means no furniture or other extra large items.

Setting up your account

Create a Swapbox account ( or at a Swapbox). When registering online, you will be asked to select a Swapbox location. The location you select will be the one at which you collect any package that is delivered to you. Once you have completed the registration process, you will be provided a Swapbox address. It will look like this:

Swapbox: ABCDE
880 Peru Ave #2
ATTN: Joe Doe (your name will be here)
San Francisco, CA 94112

Your Swapbox address is a personalized shipping address just for you.

Using your Swapbox address

Any time you make a purchase online, you can provide your Swapbox address as your shipping address. Your Swapbox address includes all the information necessary to route your package to your selected Swapbox.

Here's an example of what it may look like when you use you Swapbox address online:

Amazon address

Picking up a delivery

When a package is delivered to a Swapbox, you will receive an SMS or email with a PIN code. AT the Swapbox tap "Pick Up" and enter your PIN code to collect your package.

Tracking packages

You can track your packages as they are processed and delivered to your designated Swapbox. At any time, you can check the status of your expected delivery on the tracking page. If the carrier delivering your package indicates that it has been"“delivered," that means that our warehouse has received your package. Shortly thereafter you will receive a notification to collect it from your designated Swapbox.


  • Items must be smaller than 21"x21"x17" or 47"x11"x21".

Duty / Customs / etc.

If there is a cost associated with your package Swapbox will charge that amount to your card.


Have a package that requires a signature? Not a problem, our warehouse will sign for it.

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